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Create a channel partner scorecard
that ROIs are generally higher with channel partners, why should you bother operating a direct sales force at all? The answer is better long-term control over how you interact with customers, particularly important customers who are sensitive to your relationship with them. Should I stay or should I go? The key question for all these ROIs is: Should you stick with a particular channel partner? A negative or low ROI is certainly a cause for concern. If there's a good explanation or there are some substantive
Troubleshoot Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph What do you need help with? Working with data I'm using dates on my chart, but I don't get a time-scale axis. I can't use a named range when I try to import a range from an Excel workbook. My xy (scatter) chart doesn't use my values along the horizontal (x) axis. I typed new text or numbers on the datasheet, but the data labels in the chart didn't update. Text is missing along the horizontal axis of the chart. Where did the data for my chart go? Formatting and display Why does the font
Office Hours: Synchronizing voice and video in OneNote
remember details from meetings and presentations. That's one of the reasons I've begun to rely more and more on Microsoft Office OneNote. Whatever I write or type gets organized by notebook and then by section, in ways that make sense to me. And if I forget exactly where I've added a note, I can search through my entire notebook — even my handwritten notes — in a matter of seconds. But there are times when I either can't read my own handwriting or my notes just omit something I knew I was going to want to
Problems getting to the next level in Freelancer
The value that is listed in Next Level Requirement shows you how much net worth you are short of leveling up, not the goal amount. You have varied from the story line. You are playing with a game that was previously saved from the demo version. Back to the top | Give Feedback RESOLUTION If you have to increase your net worth and you have completed your current mission, you must take on some jobs to earn additional credits. As you are paid for these jobs, the value in Next Level
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OneNote and PowerPoint: Better together!
Tip You can also choose to print your presentation to OneNote in grayscale and then use color text to annotate your slides. In the Print dialog box, click the Color/grayscale drop-down list and choose Grayscale. Since you can create notes anywhere on a page, you now have a virtual handout that you can carry with you after the presentation. Take it to the next level and audio record the meeting or presentation. Make sure you get permission from those in the meeting to do the recording. OneNote will
Accidental hurdles: What Outlook can't do
What Outlook can't do It's happened to everyone: suddenly the computer won't let you do an action that (always) is critical to completing your task. You mentally search for an explanation for a few seconds, then frown at the monitor and ask, accusingly, "Why can't I do that?" Most often, the problem is merely a procedural misstep. But sometimes, you can't do what you have to do because, well, you just can't. Outlook can do a lot; there are people who live their lives by Outlook, running almost every facet
Build a direct marketing mailing list
most general sense. The strength of direct marketing is that it can provide a high degree of precision — so your lists must be structured carefully. Here are some commonly used approaches to segmenting business-to-consumer and business-to-business lists that you build by using external sources. Business-to-consumer lists Marital status Income level Occupation category Home ownership and home value Vehicle ownership and vehicle value Personal interests Credit card holder Shopping patterns Vacation
Why can't I use HTML code in my signature anymore?
Why can't I use HTML code in my signature anymore? - Outlook - Sign in Sign in to Start working in the cloud Microsoft account
Troubleshoot charts
Axes tab, click Category under Category (X) axis. The multiple-level category labels in my chart are positioned differently than when I created the chart. Chart linked to a closed workbook When your chart is linked to data in a workbook that is closed, multiple-level category labels (multiple-level category labels: Category labels in a chart that, based on worksheet data, are automatically displayed on more than one line in a hierarchy. For example, the heading Produce might appear above a
Teachers: It�s OneNote to the rescue!
good as how easy they are to access. Enter Microsoft Office OneNote 2007. OneNote serves as a storehouse for notes, facts, answers, and miscellaneous information — and it puts it all at my fingertips when I take the stage in front of a class. OneNote in action Let's say you're giving a slide show presentation and a student asks a question or you want to refer to a little-known fact or to a chart that isn't in the courseware. OneNote is like rubbing the bottle that contains the genie. If you leave OneNote
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